ally and me profileMy life has been forever changed by the passing of my daughter Ally. Shockingly, on 1/2/15 she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) & went to Heaven just 6 weeks later on 2/15/15. (Just 3 months short of her 4th birthday & 3 weeks short of meeting her baby brother, Brady). Ally was the most amazing little girl & I could go on and on about who she was, but this blog isn’t dedicated to Ally. It’s in HONOR of her, the legacy she left, the incredible amount of people she has touched & continues to touch everyday, & the lessons I’m learning through this journey of grief. I feel the need to share this in a way that’s bigger than just the people I know personally. This is important to me because there were many people that I didn’t know that followed Ally’s story & their kindness and support to our family in our darkest times has been an amazing testimony to the power of God. So, share my story with anyone and everyone because in Ally’s words, “Friends help Friends,” and to Ally everyone was a friend.